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In December 2016 and January 2017 I wrote the music to the documentary Black Gold: The Trail to Standing Rock. It is a story behind the story of Standing Rock, what led to the largest and longest protest of its kind. Directed by Amy Leigh McCorkle, the story by Delilah Stephens was the inspiration of the pieces that I composed and finally gathered in this soundtrack album, named after the film.


My film score is inspired by the works of composers like Tchaikovsky, Holst, Williams, and Zimmer. It is a collection of seven music pieces, that emotionally follow the story of the narrator. In addition to the classical orchestra sound, I have added some modern sounding elements and instruments, which turns the tracks into a hybrid musical expression, giving place to both classical and new sounds. Just like Indians were the original inhabitants and "new" Europeans came to live in their lands. Both achieve harmony, if there is a will.

Album Cover

So far, the score has been chosen as a WINNER in Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards Festival. Two more Hollywood film festivals, Action on Films and Hollywood Dreamz,  have chosen the album as a finalist and in the coming months there will be an update about more.


As of April 7, 2017, it is available for


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