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Equipment 07 Aug 2013

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    Music can create a persuasive atmosphere for your setting, help tell your story and provoke emotions, all of which are ingredients that will have your audience want more. As a film director or producer, taking the time to discuss the importance of music in the movies can turn a good film into a great and award-winning one.

    Having a good composer to score your films can not only make your final cut more interesting, but it also grants your audience the ability to connect emotionally to your characters and their situation, and you, the filmmaker, to reinforce your story and your message. For example, a scene of a happy family setting off on holiday would probably include a playful tune to match what the characters were feeling at that moment. Meanwhile, our favorite horror movies would take a different approach aleatoric music and clusters to create suspense and imminent fear of what lies around the corner.

    When composers engage with a film, or a TV project, they should do a lot more than just providing a great sounding piece of music. They have to fit into the whole world or spirit of the project. They need to buy into what the director or producer is saying, what they’re trying to achieve. Film composers work inside your creative cosmos. They add their genuine and unique touch on the soundtrack but in the end it is a soundtrack that matches flawlessly inside your creative vision.

    There are levels of scoring, of course. Music can just mimic the emotion on screen. The character is sad - the music too. Something funny happens - the music turns funny. This is the most literal level. What you see is what you hear. There is an chase or a fight, you probably want action music that enhances what is going on. There is no hidden depth to this.

    Furthermore, music can describe a character or a situations. It can cast back and depict elements of the narrative that may be not so apparent. It can reflect time and place.

    Music is there often to tell stories and to help the audience connect in the right way to what the director or producer is trying to say. When it works it is the most satisfying way to contribute to a great project.


Valyo Gennoff is an award-winning film composer. He has worked on projects with the EMI award-winning producer Ray Szuch, award-winning film directors Johnny K. Wu and Amy Leigh McCorkle. His projects are diverse - musical, documentary, drama, horror, comedy.